About the Game

Welcome to The Game

Are you ready to challenge your research skills, brush up your networking skills and get your craft on?  Well good. Welcome to The Game.

What’s the Loot?
The Game will be running throughout NLS8. The Game Trophy will be awarded on Sunday afternoon. 

You will also receive a certificate of participation outlining the learning outcomes (aka achievements unlocked) from the Game to show off post conference.  

How to play
To complete in The Game complete the activities on the attached Game Sheet. These are a mix of online and physical activities. The activities are scattered around the conference break out space. The QR codes for the online activities are also scattered around the break out space as well as being on your Game Sheet. 

How do I get my points? 
To get your points from participating in The Game you need to tweet or DM your answers to @Game-NLS8. Be sure to follow the instructions on the Game Sheet. The Game Sheet says whether you need to tweet or DM. If you do the wrong one you won’t get the point and even worse you may give others your well deserved points!

A leaderboard will also be posted in the Breakout space so you can track your progress. 

Questions? Contact @gameNLS8 or the Game Master (aka Alex Cato @Curious_Meow). 

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